on this random tuesday night,
i had some delicious homemade food that my best friend had prepared.. 
she makes the best spicy korean 'chige' soup.
we all had some good laughs over wine and chocolate pudding for dessert..
as her 17 year old cat named king george watched our every move. :)
stepped out to see if this event was worth going to on this random night-- 
decided to bail and ended up going to a cozy bar nearby instead..
it was really the coolest little hole-in-the-wall bar w/books and old magazines up to the ceiling.
loved the vintage vibe, super fancy.
not to mention, the best fresh fruit cocktails i've had in town. 
i had the peach & banana.
i'm not much of a drinker, but i'd definitely go again to try other flavors. ;) 

i realized.. 
tuesdays can be fun❤!! 


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  1. Great pics as always! I especially love that grumpy looking cat! ;) hehehe (I have a grumpy 14 yr old cat!)