veggie delight

Needed some fresh air to clear my mind..
So I took my cam and headed out.

Ended up in a town called Aoyama.
Coincidentally, a farmer's market was going on at the UN University.
Being a vegetarian, I was rather thrilled to see so many fresh produce enthusiasts around me.
Like a little kid.. I went around tasting the fruits & veggies at each booth..
Soo yummy.
My tummy was happy.

When I got back home, I was greeted by a pretty little butterfly..
He was just chillin there, right by my door.
Maybe the summer heat got to him too.. ;)



  1. become hungry while I look at these photos~

    veggie toast with mushrooms!!! ★yummy★
    dark grapes, peaches~
    and the green-yellow apples? are that nashis?

    ah! what a beautiful butterfly♥
    here in germany we don't have such green ones!
    (the wall under the butterfly is sparkle blue!! ♥like blue jewels Ö__<)

    PS: LUV ♥ listen to your songs~ <3

  2. 野菜や果物のフレッシュさが写真から伝わってきますよ~