Almost 5am and I'm still working on a track, but had an urge to post a new entry. ;)

In a previous post, I mentioned how addicted I am with an artist named Imogen Heap.
Well~~ she just released a new single named "Propeller Seeds".

Honestly, I was a bit lost when I first heard it-- but it kinda grew on me.. and got me thinking.

There's no leading bass line, no constant snare or kick beat to bob your head to..(at least not until the 2nd verse) and not the typical mainstream song structure-- but she definitely knows how to use SPACE.

Close your eyes and use headphones for this one.

I can sense her FREEDOM.

I mean.. it's the first time I've heard an artist incorporate the sounds of roots and leaves, eating utensils, jazz club, night club, showers, alarm clocks, church organs..(and so much more) all in a 4 minute song. That's genius. ;)

She creates, regardless of current trends or what sells in the market. She allows her creativity and imagination run wild-- which is what many artists and musicians nowadays often forget to do, once they get caught up with the business side of the art.

As a songwriter myself in such an amazing yet demanding industry, I'm constantly having to find the right balance within my mind..

I'll come back to this song to remind myself that creation should be free♪〜〜

I just realized I've been totally mumbling to myself for this post-- sorry if I bore you to sleep!! :P

I think it's about time for me to catch some sleep too.. (-_-)zZzZ.. nightey night☆.

Imogen Heap - Propeller Seeds


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