la musique

i'm taking a little break from working on a track.. la di da♪.
layers and layers of melodies, sounds, and just random noise either clashing or complimenting each other..
i think it's just like cooking; countless ingredients and spices to choose from.
best thing is..
there's no mistake when it comes to music. :)
a cacophony of piercing mechanical-sounding bells can sound like a heavenly symphony sometimes..

A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence.

-Leopold Stokowski

Music is what feelings sound like.




  1. こんばんは。作曲は全く経験がなく(っというか才能もなくw)どれだけ大変かわからないけど、新曲楽しみにしています。がんばってください!

  2. described it so well. that's true even mistakes (if you say so) make music sound better. not only sound I mean it triggers imagination and creates something that grows by itself in our own interpretations. A good good reason to be off the wall. I like the quotes though ;-}