March 11, 2011

It started off as a beautiful day..

I had planned to go out to Shibuya to buy a birthday present for my friend, in time for a dinner and bowling party that was planned for later on that evening..


My room started to shake and all of the shelves began to rattle. A terrifying low rumble kept getting louder and louder..

I immediately reached for my phone to call my sister..(it was a miracle I got through to her)
We exchanged "I'm OK"s, but the line was cut off before I could say anything else..

I called my mother a second later (she's currently in Okinawa), but was unable to get through to her..

The room shook for quite a while and some things fell over-- fortunately, nothing too serious.

I was frightened and alone.. and unable to control my hands from shaking..

so I quickly grabbed my belongings and ran out of my apartment.

Everyone had come out of their buildings.. I've never seen so many people out at once.

Everyone.. holding onto their cellphones..

(It doesn't connect..)

I knew that earthquakes are almost always followed by aftershocks.. so I ran to my sister's apartment, hoping that her babies were ok too..

Elevators were shut down..

It was the fastest I've ever ran up twenty something flights of stairs..

These tall buildings in Tokyo are built to withstand powerful earthquakes-- by swaying.

Being so high up, the building swayed and swayed-- imagine those boat rides at carnivals.. (alright, not THAT intense..) but something like it..

Walls creaked and rumbled..

Throat burned like fire from all that running..

But I completely forgot about the pain when I saw the faces of my nieces..

Building shook again.. I've never been so scared in my life.

Unable to stand up..

I cried,

and I prayed.


A massive 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit Japan, splitting roads and wrecking buildings..

Followed by a catastrophic tsunami that engulfed entire towns near the coast, killing thousands of innocent lives..

Now, Japan is faced with a possible nuclear plant meltdown...



Potential nuclear crisis.

It's really all too much for one country to handle in just a matter of hours...

The prime minister stated that Japan is facing the toughest crisis in Japan's 65 years of postwar history.

But in the midst of chaos, there is always hope.

Many survivors are being rescued from the wreck.. family members are being reunited.. and help is on it's way from other countries as well.

I've been on an emotional roller coaster since the earthquake..

But I'm so grateful to be alive, to have a roof over my head, warm food to eat, clean water to drink, and my loving family beside me.

My heart aches for those who are suffering from the pain of lost loved ones and homes...

For anyone who reads this.. if any.. please, pray for Japan...

This country needs your prayers and support now.



  1. 東京に戻られたんですね!

  2. It's nice to heard from you are safe.

    I'm prayed for victim.
    Don't give up.

  3. i'm so happy to know that you and your family are safe!
    we have to pray...but who?
    and for what?

    the situation not change....

    i think...we can only hope...
    hope in a better tomorrow <3

    biiiiig hug!!!
    BE STRONG <3

  4. Japan will make it through this, because Japan and the Japanese are very strong people! I'm praying and donating what I can! Best wishes.

  5. あなたとご家族が無事で何よりです。ほんとによかったです。東京はこれから停電になるのかな?こっちは通常通りの生活をしていてなんか申し訳ないです。。。今僕らにできることは義援金くらいか。。。

  6. 東北にいる知り合い(Ohanaメンバー)の無事が昨日分かりました!

  7. OMG, Even though its almost a year ago, I am still shocked after reading this post.
    I haven't forgot how shocked I was when I heard the news, I did pray for Japan.
    However I didn't know that melody. was in Japan, because after hearing the news, I immediately checked the Internet to see whether she was ok...

    So I found out that her husband was not in Japan (on tour I think? I actually forgot what I've read).
    So I thought she went to a tour or something with her husband.

    Can't believe what you guys had experienced, I can tell how scary the situation was.
    Although, I am relieved that you guys are safe now.


    This is my first time checking your blog out and listening your music.
    I have read all of your posts and checked your songs out, I must say your artwork and photography is amazing not to mention your song writing skills!
    I really like the songs you wrote ("Love Story, Lovin' U and Ready To Go") ^^

    Your voice is so clear, it sounds like the voice of melody :o

    By the way, you can try to write one more up-beat song,
    I've listened to all your songs, I really like them alot, but the song "Over & Over" gives me a unique feeling somehow. I really like it! =D

    I really thought that you already had sign a contract with a record label.
    Your songs are so good, that i wanted to buy immediately.
    So I went to checkout online stores, and as you may know, the search result returns zero results. lol

    Anyways, I think that there is a chance that the music label company will refuse to record the songs you made, because it has been posted public >< ...
    At least that is what I think, which might be possible.
    So my little suggestion is not to post any new written songs on the internet.
    Or perhaps you can make a demo of them (about 30 sec length).

    But I could be wrong about this too!, I'm not familiar with music industry =X

    I wish you lots of success with your music (^_^)
    Hope to see your single/album soon!

    ps. My English isn't good enough to write this much, but while writing this comment, it came out to be this long without noticing lol