a new life, a new me

So I've finally settled down a bit...

I am currently living in LA!!!

I'm studying more about music/music business. Yes, taking it seriously now. I mean.. I've always been serious about music, but the more I got involved with the industry, the more I realized how much I really don't know. It's never too late to learn! :)


It's so sunny here.. reminds me of my home, Hawaii. <3 I was driving down Hollywood.. with the windows down. Perfect day.. beautiful sunshine.. cool breeze. Selena's "I Could Fall In Love" was playing on the radio (one of my favorites).. and it just fit perfectly with the scenery... <3.. mmmm.. the magic of music.

When I get the chance, I'll post up some photos I've taken recently of this city!
Until then, take care~!!