i am so very proud to say,

that this summer, my oldest sister gave birth to a healthy, beautiful baby girl, and named her Lovelie.

(i like to call her "lovelove"...hehe)

in Japanese, the kanji reads "Ai Ri", which means the "the reason of love".

she was born from love, and hopefully, will live to continue to spread love throughout the world.

i cannot describe in words, how wonderful life has been, ever since this little bundle of joy came into our world.

to respect the privacy of my sister and her husband, i won't be posting any photos of them without their permission.. but here's a little sneak peak of the happiness that Lovelie has given to me, as her auntie♥.

she makes me smile until my cheeks are sore♥



  1. Don't spoil her too much. Make sure to teach her the fundamentals of being a contributing member of society-showing aloha to others(also wouldn't hurt to teach her letters and numbers..hehe) Lovelie is so cute.

  2. Awwww Kuris-san she's such an adorable Baby Girl, i love her so much <3!and i'm sure Mel and Myv have everyday a bright smile on their Faces o(^-^)o

  3. Awwww she has grown so cute!!
    She also makes me smile every time I see her pics.
    She's 'the reason of love' without a doubt ^^
    Though I would love to see a pic of Mel, MYV, and Lovelie together, it makes me happy to see a pic of Lovelie with her aunt!
    I send u lots of love, for u and for them~
    Take care Kuris, ♥ u~♪♫