heal the world...

i know it's really really late to post this...

but i recently purchased the michael jackson bucharest concert dvd.  *yays*
i've seen almost every single available clip of that concert on youtube, yet i had to see it again...


now that is what i call a performance.  michael is a GOD.  i praise him with my entire being.

no matter how many times i see him, he never ceases to give me the goose-bumps.  it's hard to come across an artist who is as powerful, original, historical... and magical as he is.

it's too sad that he had to leave us... but there is no doubt that he's in a much better place than here-- a place where there is no hate, no hunger, no violence, no war, no killing, no lies, no greed...

he tried to send out an incredible message through his songs... if only we'd all take the time to actually listen.

everytime i hear heal the world... i begin to cry...  is it just me?

i really hope not♥.

michael jackson will live forever in our hearts.
rest in peace.



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