art of craft making!

allow me to share with you, some crafts i've made recently...

you can easily buy professional-made crafts at any store, but why not enjoy the art of craft-making... creating an original item just for yourself and for your friends~ it's really fun and easy!!

white pouch with lace string:  use cloth paint to paint your initial or name on the pouch, then use super-glue to glue on rhinestones wherever you want. outline the letter with glitter-pen to make it even more sparkly! let dry.

heart "love" ornament:  use a pre-mixed batch of paper clay, and mold into a shape of a heart.   let dry.  get a piece of thin cardboard, and cut out a shape of a heart that is just a little bigger than your clay heart-- this will act as the base of the ornament.  glue on random pieces of string, ribbons, feathers... directly onto the base.  by now, the clay heart should be dry.  paint the clay heart however you like.. and on top of that, write a simple message, or your name.  i chose to write "love" with a glitter-pen.  when the clay heart completely dries, glue it onto the thin cardboard base with super-glue.  all done!

dolled up mini teddy bear:  get a plain mini teddy bear from any craft store.  use lace or ribbons to sew on to the waist of the bear to create a skirt.  use tiny wired pearls to make the bear's bracelets.. glue on rhinestones for earrings or shoes.. glue on tiny ribbons wherever you like... let your originality flow on this one!  it'll be your own original mini teddy bear!!

white pouch with lace string♥

heart "love" ornament♥

dolled up mini teddy bear♥


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